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1st Aug 2021, 3:19 AM in Digimon Stuff
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More original Digimons! This time this one is based on the stork, and is exclusively female bc why not? Anyways, here she is!

Level: Champion
Type: Bird
Attribute: Vaccine
Family: Wind Guardians, Virus Busters
-Ovus Bomb: Creates an explosive Digitama and throws it at the enemy
-Motherly Summon: Summons her little
Digimon friends, and then beats up the enemy together with them
-Stork Peck: Flies to the sky, and then dives down from the sky, pecking the enemy with her sharp beak
-Maternal Unleash: Her necklace glows, and she creates a huge ball of light out of her own energy, and then she unleashes it. However, she will quickly devolves back to Rookie after using this last-resort move
Evolves from:
-Falcomon (Savers version)
Evolves to:
A kind-hearted Bird Digimon with the appearance of the stork. She is rumored to be the one who creates all Digitamas scattered across the Digital World, and she is also very gentle and caring towards younger Digimons. Legends said that Ciconimon will give Digitamas containing future Digimon partners to kind humans, and on the other hand, she will give explosive Digitamas to evil humans instead. Her signature move is creating explosive Digitamas and throws them at the enemy (Ovus Bomb), while her special move is summoning her small Digimon friends and beats up the enemy together with them (Motherly Summon). When she is cornered and has no more choices, however, she will create a huge ball of light out of her own energy and unleashes it. As this last-resort move drains all of her energy, she quickly devolves back to Rookie after using this attack (Maternal Unleash).
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The Alolan PokeNerd
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The Alolan PokeNerd
Wow, she's so cool! :0 Love her design and lore!